Pouring From an Empty Cup

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

This season of life is very busy for me. I work four days a week (nine hours a day), go to school on the three days that I’m not working, babysit two nights a week, volunteer at church on Sundays, and I recently became a leader at youth group on Wednesdays. Yes, I am constantly on the go trying to juggle homework, the gym, and my sanity. But guess what? I wouldn’t change a thing. I often reminisce on the days of being able to sleep past 6:30am and try to remember what it was like to wake up and think “what should I do today?”. However, my friends, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Before college started I began to pray that God would take control of my life and use it for His purpose and for His glory. It was after I began praying that prayer that my life became the craziness that it is now. I believe that God is/ is going to use me in each of the areas of my life. I see so many different people throughout the week. So many people that need help, that need love, that need Jesus.  My days are the most jam packed that they have ever been, but they are also the most fulfilling.

My junior year of high school is when I started to intentionally look for work. For the first part of junior year I babysat two days during the week, and then for the second half I tutored three days during the week. Within a few months of tutoring I quickly began to feel “burnt out”. I loved tutoring and I grew attached to the kids I was tutoring, but I wasn’t happy. I decided that I just couldn’t live life constantly dreading Tuesday-Thursday. Stepping down from tutoring them was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I don’t like disappointing people or saying no, but I felt it was the best thing to do for myself. My cup was just about empty and I couldn’t pour from an empty cup. I thought that quitting tutoring three days a week would help me fill my cup up again. However, I was wrong.

Rest does not keep our cups full. Taking a break or going on vacation doesn’t either. The only way to ensure that our cups stay full, and ready to pour out into the lives of others, is by living our lives for Jesus. He keeps our cups full. Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” I do agree with the quote “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, but I now have a new understanding on how to fill my cup.

To everyone that is feeling as if life is ringing you out dry, I have some advice for you. Take a step back and evaluate your life because maybe some things are too much to handle. Start to ask God to show you what is truly important. Ask Him to help you find rest.

I want to end this blog by saying that I do realize that rest is important for our minds and bodies. But, I have found so much peace by realizing that God put me on this earth to be a difference maker (listen to the song Difference Maker by NEEDTOBREATHE), and if that involves me being constantly on the go then I am going to do that with a big smile and a heart full of joy.

Yours Truly,



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